Medical Writing

Ours is a highly competent team of medical specialists and life science graduates, postgraduates and PhDs trained in medical research and medical writing. At PFC, we believe in the 5Cs that have the power to make highly technical medical information easy to understand. Our writing is clear, concise, comprehensible, consistent, and customized.

Whether you are a pharmaceutical company, an educational institute, a medical specialist, a medical student, a nurse, a pharmacist, or a person with little or no healthcare knowledge, we tailor our writing to match your specific requirements.

If you have an idea, concept or data that is either raw or analyzed, our medical writing team can help you by writing a document in the format that is most suitable for your project.

Our medical editing team can also help you by editing the document you have written to improve its logical flow, clarity, readability, and comprehensibility. We can help you format your document according to specific requirements.

Regulatory Writing

● Protocols
● Investigators’ brochures
● Informed consent forms
● Patient information sheets
● Case report forms
● Clinical study reports
● New drug applications

Non-regulatory Writing

For healthcare professionals

Scientific manuscripts

● Original research articles
● Review articles
● Case reports
● Case series
● Short communications
● Summaries of published articles

Conference materials

● Abstracts
● Posters
● Slide kits and presentations
● Conference proceedings
● Interviews with key opinion leaders

Educational medical writing

● Chapters in medical and clinical research textbooks
● Ready reference handbooks
● Drug indices
● Drug monographs
● Disease monographs
● Continued medical education content
● Web content for specialized medical websites
● Student & instructor resources for medical, dental, nursing, and pharmacy entrance examinations

For the general public

● Patient information leaflets
● Package inserts
● Health awareness articles
○ Handbooks
○ Magazines
○ Newspapers
○ E-newsletters
○ Blogs
○ Website content
● Slides for health awareness campaign
● Posters for creating health awareness
● Reports of surveys

Content Areas Covered

Our team has a rich experience in writing content for the following areas:

● Aging
● Anemia
● Antibiotics
● Bariatric surgery
● Cancer
● Cardiology
● Clinical Trials
● Diabetes
● Elder Care Options
● ENT (Ear, Nose, and Throat)
● Fever
● Gastroenterology
● Genitourinary Disorders
● Herbal Medicines
● Infertility
● Interventional Cardiology
● Musculoskeletal Disorders
● Nursing Skills
● Obstetrics and Gynecology
● Ophthalmology
● Orthopedics
● Pediatrics
● Pharmacology
● Psychiatry
● Skin Disorders
● Stem Cell Research
● Surgery
● Vaccination

Even if you have a project that seems different from what we have already done, let us discuss about it. We are always open to new challenges. Our team of experts may have a tailored solution for you. Contact us.

Medical Writing Training

Members of our medical writing and editing team have extensive experience in conducting medical writing training through lectures, webinars, and workshops. To know more about our training services, please click here.